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John A Krasowski

This Book was written for the medical providers interested in the treatment and long term structural stability of their patients’ posture. These medical providers may also include physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and dentists. Most importantly the patient themself. The author states his goal for this book “I want it to be, art based on science as well as providing helpful information for those who suffer with various posture-related ailments and who cry out for the tools necessary to help themselves.”

The author has spent a career studying many techniques, researching countless authorities in the art and science of posture and applying those techniques clinically. This book is a journey of Howard W. Makofsky’s knowledge and observations from learning and applying his passion to help those suffering both acute and chronic posture related illness.

This book provides the reader with the information and compelling research as to why posture can have such a profound effect on human physiology. One may recognize the chicken and the egg discussion as to what leads to what. Is it airway pathology that leads to adaptation in the skeletal structure and the loss of postural upness and its subsequent collapse? Is the origin of disease a congenital pathology or deformation? The good news is there are answers and treatment. There is excellent discussion on how an individual will “use their bodies in ordinary actions to avoid or reduce unnecessary physical stress that is inevitably linked to pain and disability.” (Karen H. Siegal PHD 1981)

It is fascinating as the book evolved into the physics of body function. Much research has gone into the understanding of “ground reaction force” (GRF) and how the earth/ground exert a force on the body. And how to work with these forces to achieve postural upness. With the advent of Sleep related and breathing related pathology in dentistry the research suggests as much as a 30% decrease in breathing ability. And an excellent discussion of all the secondary physiologic issues that can result from poor breathing and posture.

With the excellent research based summary of postural cause and effect the author has provided an excellent list of exercises and stretches to achieve “postural upness’ which subsequently helps an individual align the structural integrity of their body to live a healthy pain free life.

This is an excellent book to purchase and give to clients that would benefit from the treatment techniques provided. This book would provide the patient with answers to many health related issues that they were not aware were related. And this book gives the dental medical provider tools for treatment and optimal outcomes. I would recommend this book for your personal library.

John A Krasowski DDS LVIF
Clinical Instructor LVI Global (Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies)
Past president IAPA (International association of Physiologic Aesthetic Dentistry)
International Speaker and writer

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