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Book Review by John A Krasowski DDS LVIF

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Howard W. Makofsky has spent his 40-year career studying human alignment. In Postural Upness and Gravity, Dr. Makofsky combines his clinical background in both Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy with his tenure as an Associate Professor to write a self-help book on body posture. This book is written for the educated consumer of health and wellness material as related to the intrinsic mechanisms for posture and support in the body. It does not present another how-to-manual on posture correction. However, it does offer a thought provoking perspective on human alignment based, not only on the biomedical sciences, but also on the breakthrough insights of F.M. Alexander, Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Judith Aston, Buckminster Fuller, Noelle Perez, M. Cohen-Nehemia, Esther Gokhale, and Kathleen Porter. The axis of gravity, Newton’s Third Law of Motion (e.g., ground reaction force) and tensegrity are key concepts in Makofsky’s approach to postural upness. Whereas many books on body posture provide specific instructions on how to stand and sit up straight, Postural Upness… describes the means whereby gravity and ground reaction force (GRF) provide the driving forces necessary for optimal body support and uprightness. The reader will learn how to “let go” of unnecessary muscle tension and exchange it for muscles that are flexible and alignment that is balanced, efficient, and vertical.